Dental UV Sterilizer

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Dental UV Sterilizer


* Digital readout.

* Time control.

* Ozone steriliazation.

* Ultraviolet disinfection.


* It is not suitable for liquid sterilization.

* The product has the door control, for the sake of safety, please cut off the power before open the door.

* When to clean the cabinet, please use the wet towel, don’t wash it.

*  If there is any breakdown during the course of using, please feel free to contact the maintenance personnnel. Don’t try to dismantle by unauthorized people.


Technical Parameters:

Model BK-UV
Rated Power 15W
Power supply 110V~220V 50HZ/60HZ
Capacity 15L
Disinfection Time Ajustable
Size 45.6*23*30.5cm
Gross Weight 9kg


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